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Program for you:

Tangoimpuls is taylor made program for you based in private lessons, practicas with partner and visit to the best Milongas and concerts in Buenos Aires:

3 days - 6 hours - $150
3 Private tango lessons
1 Practica in the milonga with partner

7 days - 17 hours - $300
7 Private tango lessons
2 Groups Technique tango lessons
1 Tango Concert Night
2 Practicas in the milonga with partner

by Email: Tangoimpuls(@)
WhatsApp +5411 32603867

Program for groups:

In Tangoimpuls for groups we limit our customers in order to be able to attend to all our guests personally, so that the classes can be enjoyed to the maximum and so that the teachers, helped by their assitants, can develop established objectives. We are commited to ensure that everyone can dance at the milongas, classes and practice sessions.

Our commitment is to show visitors who arrive motivated by the dance impulse the diversity of cultures that live together in Buenos Aires - a diversity of cultures possible thanks to the mix of races which has arisen from European immigration. The best way to be able to find these cultures is to walk through the streets of some of the local neighbourhoods, or "barrios", and visit the places that the inhabitants of Buenos Aires like to frequent.
Tango is found in the milongas populated by tourists as well as in the more traditional places which represent the tanguero sentiment. We are going to take you close to the tango impulse felt by the simple men and women who live and dance tango in Buenos Aires.

by Email: Tangoimpuls(@)

WhatsApp +5411 32603867

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