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Beginners, Intermediaries and Advanced Levels

The technical aspects of body movement, walking, posture, how to place the arms (abrazo), and balance.
Working with steps and figures, you will gain an understanding of the dinamics of the physical space of the milonga (dance halls).

The overall objective is to achieve fluidity in the movements and sensitivity in the embrace. During the Tangoimpuls course you will learn how to dance in the milongas, and how to enjoy it!

The focus is on the technical elements of movement involved in the rhythms of tango, tangowaltz and milonga.
You will also learn to understand and interpret the music of different orchestras.

You will experiment with figures such as "ganchos", "barridas", "sacadas", "boleos" for women, turns "giros" to the left and "giros" to the right, plus combinations.

The objective of this course with Tangoimpuls is for you to learn to understand and dance with combinations of figures and, with that, to take advantage of the richness of the different musical possibilities.

+ In Private Classes

One-to-one teaching will be available to help you with specific aspects of your dance.

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